Basic Obedience is the foundation of EVERYTHING. It is important for EVERY dog and owner. We offer this service for ALL breeds, whether it be for your hunting dog or your family companion dog. 

In the 6-week program, we will teach your dog five basic commands on and off leash: 

  • SIT 
  • DOWN
  • HERE
  • HEEL 

The first four commands are self-explanatory: the PLACE command is where your dog is taught to get onto a raised bed (platform) and remain on it. This command is very useful inside when you want to have your dog around, but not in your way.

We teach everything on a positive note, and after it is clearly understood then we start setting expectations on the commands. At this point it is their choice to be obedient to the command they are given. 

We also work on teaching them to work on paying attention to you, loose leash walking, eye contact, not to jump, etc...

We start the program on the FIRST of every month. Space is limited, so please schedule in advance to reserve a spot for your dog