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Best Retrievers began in 2006....and the rest is history

Who/What is Best Retrievers?

It all began in 2006, Rody Best and wife, Kristin and three little boys, located on a beautiful 21 acre piece of property with a house and 20 dog crates in their extra bedroom. This is how "Best Retrievers" was born! 

We have quickly expanded over the last 13 years into what is today one of the nation’s premier retriever training facilities with the Best dog trainers and staff. 

We have turned out thousands of gundogs for happy owners throughout Texas and across the country that have performed successfully in both the home and field.

  Our first building was built in the Fall of 2006 and had 25 kennels. In 2010, we expanded and constructed an additional building with 46 kennels. In 2012, we purchased an additional 95 acres adjoining our property where we subsequently built our house. And in October 2017, we bought an additional 3 acres and a house that adjoins the front of our property along Stockade Ranch Road, providing additional housing for our training staff. We have created additional training ponds over the last 13 years- the Tech Pond and Swim-by (2008), the Lake (2015), Rocky’s Pond (2016), and Flooded Timber (2017). All these additions have improved our training opportunities and strengthened our program.  

Hunt Test Accomplishments

We have obtained over 900 Master passes, over 470 Senior passes, and over 900 Junior passes; over 85 Master Hunter Titles, 118 Senior Hunter Titles, and 230 Junior Hunter Titles. We have participated in 9 Master Nationals (Texas, Alabama, Kansas, California, South Carolina, Missouri, Texas, Oregon and South Carolina) and collected 63 Master National Passes with a 70% pass ratio. We have trained one MNH6, MNH5, 2 MNH4’s, and put 11 dogs in the Master National Hall of Fame. We have trained 6 Super Retriever Series Champions, and won 7 Super Retriever Series. We have trained almost 40 Hunting Retriever Champions and 14 Grand Hunting Retriever Champions.  

A Day in the life of Best Retrievers

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Client/Dog Portal System

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