Best Retrievers Crew


Rody and Kristin Best

Rody is an owner of Best Retrievers and Head Field Trainer. He is responsible for the field work portion of the training.  Rody deals primarily with the competitive dogs and advanced training.  

He has over 20 years of professional training experience.

Kristin is an owner of a Best Retrievers and is head of the administrative side of the business. She is responsible for teaching every new trainer the foundation phase. She is our primary formal fetch trainer in our Gundog program, and also runs the BR Whelping Service and raises the litters. ‚ÄčThis includes delivering puppies, raising them, and finding the perfect home for each and every one. 


Luke Cour & Colt

Luke joined our team in the summer of 2014 and specializes in Advanced Gundog Training and the loves to play the Competition Game. He works hard and it shows! He is an avid hunter and fisherman. Luke grew up training dogs with his dad. He bought his lab "Colt" in college and the rest is history!


Trey Holladay & Zephyr

Trey joined Best Retrievers in the Spring of 2017. He graduated from Starmark Dog Academy in 2015. Trey is works in a variety of areas. From Gundog obedience to advanced Gundog training. 

Fun Fact about Trey: He worked in Alaska with sled dogs for 2 years before he went to StarMark. Trey's goal is to set the foundation for every dog to reach their full potential.


Taylor Paulk & Shady

Taylor joined Best Retrievers in the winter of 2017. She started out as a kennel tech and quickly moved into a training position. She is a universal trainer that trains Gundog obedience, formal fetch and our Gundog trainer in the field. She comes from a hunting household and loves working the dogs to help them achieve their 

fullest potential.


Keith Davis & Zorro

Keith joined Best Retrievers in the spring of  2019. Keith is our Primary Foundation Trainer. He take all the Basic Obedience dogs as well as some of the Gundog obedience. Keith has grown up with dogs and is an avid hunter. He fits in perfectly!  We are happy to have him join our team! 


Nathan Proske & Trigger

Nathan joined Best Retrievers in January 2020. He is new to our crew but not new to the game! He has 6 years of prior experience in the dog training world! He has trained dogs up from Gundog through the Master National level! Nathan is training in our foundation kennel and works with Gundog tuneups and Advanced Gundog. He has been a great new team player for 

Best Retrievers! 


Tyler Page & Rage

Tyler is the Best Retrievers' Property Manager. He is the one that maintains the property and the equipment. He is the jack of all trades and does what ever needs to be done. He is the glue that helps hold it all together. Tyler has been with Best Retrievers since the Winter of 2015.


Carly Holladay & Max

Carly is Best Retrievers Office Manager and such a wonderful addition to the BR Team back in October 2017! Carly is the voice of the company, she manages the Gingr database for our clients, answers the phones and emails, completes reservations, aids in the whelping process, does the billing and maintains the books. Whenever and wherever we need her, she is ready and willing!


Paige Brown & Tank

Paige has worked for BR part-time for over 5 years. She started full time in the Summer 2018! Paige is the Asst. Office Manager, She is in charge of managing the Best Retrievers Retail and Online shop, she also manages all the vet records and vet visits, helps whelp and socialize puppies, and runs errands for everyone. She is a tremendous help to Carly, Kristin, and the rest of the BR Team. 


Johnson Bricker & Cannon

Johnson joined Best Retrievers in the spring of 2019. Johnson is our newest full-time staff member. The Dogs need 24/7 care and Johnson helps make sure they are given the "best" possible care during the weekday and weekend hours. He is a hard worker and pays attention to detail! We are glad he is part of the our team! 


Dakota Best & JJ

Dakota is Rody & Kristin's oldest son. He has learned the "Best" way of training dogs and is responsible for "Tune-Up" Training Sessions in the summers. Dakota is also part of the property maintenance team and does a great job in keeping our facilities top notch.


Dylan Best & Blue

Dylan is Rody & Kristin's second son, He is a student/baseball player  at Concordia University in Austin. He is part time/full time help during the year. He helps us complete all the extra projects that need to be done! He loves to hunt! Pictured here is Best Roux Got A Clue and Dylan after a duck hunt in January 2017.


Drake Best & Blue

Drake is Rody & Kristin's youngest son. He is a Senior in High School and He is very active with all dogs and is a part time/full time kennel tech when he is not in school, playing baseball, his hobbies are learning to play the guitar