​​​From birth to six months of
age is the where the most impression of life will take place in your puppies life, this is where you set the foundation of their learning and training ability. Your puppy is a learning 'sponge' and this is the best opportunity to socialize and introduce him or her to the what there future holds.

Best Retrievers puts a high importance on
this stage of the training. During this program we focus on teaching your puppy how to be focused and learn that working for us is in their best interest. We will informally introduced to several basic obedience commands....

* Here  *  Heel  *  Sit  *  Down  *  Place *

* Name Recognition  *  Loose Leash  *

Your puppy will be socialized around other people, children, and dogs. We also introduce your puppy to the field environment and expose him or her to birds (pigeons and ducks), gunfire, and swimming (if temperatures are positive)