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Whelping Service Details

Here's why you should use BR Whelping Services to whelp your litter!

  • We have experience in whelping over 70 litters and over 580 puppies over the past 20 years! 
  • We have experienced so many litters and have learned alot of techniques that help aid in natural breedings to avoid C-Sections. 
  • Less than 5% of our litters end in C-section.
  • We have an average 7-14 litters a year.
  • We do all the "dirty" work for you and cut you a check at the end! 
  • Both parents have to be a minimum of 2 years old.
  • We are not in it to make alot of money. We are in this to better the breed and to build up our dog training facility with outstanding pedigrees and healthy dogs! 
  • We limit the momma dog to a maximum of 3 litters in her lifetime. 
  • We have 4 full time staff members and many part time staff members that help assist with the whelping and raising of each litter. 
  • Best Retrievers Whelping Service will provide the pregnant female with a safe and loving environment. 
  • We offer around clock care for the female while waiting for her due date, during labor and until she is safely home. 
  • We will also take the best care of the puppies until they have been placed in their new homes.   
  • Weekly photos of each puppy for the future owners. 
  • Free advertising, phone conversations, emails, and the visitations of all the new puppy owners. 
  • We will place all the puppies into the best homes that are available.    
  • All the puppies have a 26 month written health guarantee, 
  • Dewclaws will be removed within 48 hours of delivery. 
  • We will give every puppy and mother a dose of Pyrantel for  deworming at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age. 
  • Each Puppy will be microchipped and we keep a record of every number in our data base. 
  • First round of shots at 6 weeks of age. 
  • Puppies are socialized many times a day by our training staff and and our part time puppy socializers that come everyday just to play with puppies! 
  • Introduction to birds, water and gunfire from a distance.


When our clients, come to us and let us know that they are interested in breeding their dog, we have them fill out our extensive breeding form and get all the health clearances (Hips, Elbows, Eyes, EIC & CNM) that we require done on the dog before breeding. 

  • We will approve the breeding as long as all the health clearances come back good or excellent. 
  • Next we will suggest a Stud that best accommodates her strengths and weaknesses. 
  • We take care of the breeding, send her home for the duration of the pregnancy. At 50-53 days, the owner will take her in and get an X-ray or Ultrasound done to confirm the pregnancy and give us a good idea on the amount of puppies she has. 

If you are interested in filling our whelping form to get approved to use are service contact us from the link on our home page! 

Learn More About our Whelping Rooms

  • Our whelping rooms are directly attached to our personal homes to ensure the puppies get the best care possible.
  • 4- 5x5 whelping room spaces
  • Our rooms are ceramic tiled spaces with cleaning drains for the ideal space to keep clean. 
  • Our puppy spaces have doggie doors for your momma and the puppies (when old enough) to have access to the outdoors anytime. 
  • Kitchenettes 
  • Central Heat and Air
  • Private Cameras
  • Large exercise/play yards